Nina Ubhi had one mission when she launched her career 16 years ago in London.

“To inspire makeup enthusiasts with an artistic, ‘brow raising’ approach to beauty”

Today, the brand is not only internationally recognised, but also headquartered in the beauty capital of the world, Dubai, where Nina has grown to become one of the region’s most coveted beauty influencer.

With her husband and business partner, Bobby now spearheading the company, the power duo have grown their business rapidly over the last few years, specifically with the launch of their own cosmetic collection.

The Nina Ubhi brand stems from the philosophy that beauty should be deeply rooted in ethical values, ensuring that honesty, integrity and professionalism is at the core of everything they do.

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Mission: To inspire others through artistic, authentic, flawless beauty.

Vision: To become an international, inspirational, multi-faceted beauty brand.

Core values: Authentic. Empowering. Innovative. Courageous. Honest.

The Founders


Founder and Creative Director

As one of the region’s most influential makeup artists, Nina Ubhi’s signature style, meticulous attention to detail and entrepreneurial spirit has built her an internationally renowned beauty empire.

With over a decade of experience and a team of dedicated industry professionals behind her, Nina provides picture-perfect makeup services to an elite, global clientele, and runs expert masterclasses where she reveals her trade secrets and techniques to achieving flawless, iconic looks.

Born in London, Nina grew up with a passion for art and creativity at a young age. Her love for beauty and makeup came later, when she was scouted for a modelling job as a teenager. “I was fascinated by the idea that the face could be painted like an artistic masterpiece. In every shoot though, I was never happy with the final look, so I used to sneak backstage and change things up, adding my own twist on it perfecting every detail”.

As well as a self-taught and published makeup artist, Nina worked for large beauty brands such as Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden and Kanebo and was also a magazine Beauty Editor where she collaborated with countless brands and celebrities for high fashion editorials. After launching her own brand, she became the official sponsor of one of the UK’s largest bridal show and grew her business to inspire others to be fearless and forward-thinking with their approach to beauty.


Managing Director

As Managing Director and husband to Nina, Bobby is the operational backbone to the brand. With a strong background in Wealth Management, Retail and Commercial banking, manufacturing and property development, Bobby has worked in senior positions for some of the most successful companies in the world including HSBC and Santander.

Growing up in a very driven and entrepreneurial family, Bobby learnt from a young age the kind of hard work and dedication it took to run a successful business. With years of industry and first-hand experience under his belt, he decided to switch gears in his career and support his wife’s dream to build an international beauty empire.

As a detail-orientated, multi-tasker with a “get it done” work ethic, Bobby manages all operational aspects of the business from strategy, marketing, product development and finances, building the brand into the successful business that it is today.